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ASES was founded at Stanford University in 1998 with the goal of connecting student entrepreneurs all over the world. Today, active ASES chapters provide educational programs on entrepreneurship, design, and venture capital for students across the globe. We challenge our members to think beyond Silicon Valley and solve global problems.

Joining ASES Bootcamp my freshman year was definitely one of my most fulfilling Stanford experiences in both a social and entrepreneurial context. My experiences so far have ranged from prototyping and scaling a startup idea to planning conferences and meeting international ASES members from all over the world. Most importantly, I’ve met some of my best friends through the organization. It allowed me not only to explore what it means to be an entrepreneur outside of just Silicon Valley, but become a part of a close-knit community here at Stanford and with ASES chapters globally.

Haley Tran

Class of 2021

I joined ASES my freshman year and I immediately felt at home with the welcoming community. It was easy to talk to everyone and I made tight-knit friends both in and outside of bootcamp at quarterly retreats and team events. I developed not only personally, but also professionally and was able to learn valuable entrepreneurial skills and apply them to real-world experiences. ASES helped me find me internships and new opportunities, and connected me with mentors in areas I was interested in.

Alex Lin

Class of 2021

Joining ASES through the Bootcamp program my frosh fall was one of the most important decisions I’ve made during my time at Stanford. Not only did I learn an incredible amount from knowing nearly nothing about entrepreneurship, I was sucked into a community of amazing people that extends around the world. I absolutely love my friends (family!) in ASES, and I know that together we have the ability to solve the world’s problems while having a crazy amount of fun.

Charles Tsao

Class of 2021

Quality over Quantity

We focus on providing our members significant value in the forms of learning, networking, and fun. This is only possible because we limit the number of the events we do so we can do them extremely well.

Bootcamp - Solve
Wicked Problems.

ASES Bootcamp is a 12-week design-thinking intensive for Stanford freshmen and sophomores that serves as a stepping stone into the world of entrepreneurship. Following an innovative, action-oriented process, students will learn to identify and prototype impactful solutions to problems they’re interested in tackling. Bootcamp culminates in a final pitch presentation, in which teams of students pitch their startup ideas to a panel of Silicon Valley investors. This is your chance to join Stanford’s closest-knit startup community!

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Solve a Problem
Pitch to VCs

Summit - Connecting Global Entrepreneurs.

Every year we select 35 of the world's best collegiate entrepreneurs to come to Stanford and participate in a week of entrepreneurship, design, incredible guest speakers, and wicked problem solving. Summit is great for the delegates and even better for ASES members who get to expand their networks globally and gain first-hand exposure to global problems and ways of thinking.

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One Week of Global
35 Collegiate
Stanford University

Launchpad - Enabling Local High Schoolers.

We've all been high schoolers at one point so we know that high schoolers have great ideas! Launchpad is all about enabling these students to turn their ideas into realities, whether they be simple websites advances mobile apps, or fast growing businesses.

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VC3 - Educating Student Founders.

ASES' mission is to solve global problems. We accomplish this through great educational programs like Bootcamp and also by providing problem solvers with incredible resources. With VC3, we connect Stanford’s most promising startups with prominent venture capitalists through a rapid-fire pitch event to help student founders refine their pitches and receive feedback from successful investors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bootcamp the only way to join ASES?
Absolutely not! Bootcamp is one of many ways to get involved in our community. Students may join any of our teams (ex. Summit, Launchpad, VC3, etc), all of which enable participants to interact with our partners, meet potential co-founders, and learn more about the world of entrepreneurship. In fact, we strongly encourage students who already have a foundation in entrepreneurship or venture capital to consider other ASES programs (for example, Breakthrough might be a great fit!).
What's the difference between ASES, BASES, and SENSA?
ASES is differentiated by our focus on global entrepreneurship, our tight-knit alumni network, and our vibrant on-campus community. That's just our perspective though -- the best way to find out is to get in touch! You can reach us through the contact form below, our instagram account, our facebook account, or by reaching out directly to any of our leadership members!
What are some fun things the ASES community has done together?
Beach days, VC dinners, poker nights, boba sessions, In-n-Out runs, SF trips, hot pot adventures, and more -- we have a team of students dedicated to fostering community at ASES, and they are always open to new suggestions!
What resources do ASES members gain access to? M
Some resources ASES members can take advantage of include...
- Our 800+ member alumni network (including Garry Tan, David Lee, and Elain Szu). Our members go on to become founders, Thiel Fellows, VCs, engineers, business leaders, and more. It's not uncommon to see ASES alumni invest in the companies of other ASES alumni!
- Partnerships with 20+ VC firms from around the world. ASES members gain access to an exclusive list of internships from these firms and portfolio companies, as well as office hours with the VCs to discuss potential ideas.
- Mentorship and community. ASES ties run tight across generations and borders. We host a student-alumni mentorship program, monthly community events, and regular speaker series.
Can my time commitment to ASES vary quarter-to-quarter?
Yes! Different programs require different time commitments. For example, VC3 planning and execution takes place primarily in winter quarter, leaving fall and spring open; Bootcamp runs across fall and winter, but spring is free. We recommend you get in touch with the specific program director(s) to learn more.

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