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ASES was founded at Stanford University in 1998 with the goal of connecting student entrepreneurs all over the world to create a global network of innovators. Decades later, ASES has many active branches and counting globally. We challenge our members to expand outside the Silicon Valley and solve the world's problems for billions of everyday people.

Joining ASES Bootcamp my freshman year was definitely one of my most fulfilling Stanford experiences in both a social and entrepreneurial context. My experiences so far have ranged from prototyping and scaling a startup idea to planning conferences and meeting international ASES members from all over the world. Most importantly, I’ve met some of my best friends through the organization. It allowed me not only to explore what it means to be an entrepreneur outside of just Silicon Valley, but become a part of a close-knit community here at Stanford and with ASES chapters globally.

Haley Tran

Class of 2021

I joined ASES my freshman year and I immediately felt at home with the welcoming community. It was easy to talk to everyone and I made tight-knit friends both in and outside of bootcamp at quarterly retreats and team events. I developed not only personally, but also professionally and was able to learn valuable entrepreneurial skills and apply them to real-world experiences. ASES helped me find me internships and new opportunities, and connected me with mentors in areas I was interested in.

Alex Lin

Class of 2021

Joining ASES through the Bootcamp program my frosh fall was one of the most important decisions I’ve made during my time at Stanford. Not only did I learn an incredible amount from knowing nearly nothing about entrepreneurship, I was sucked into a community of amazing people that extends around the world. I absolutely love my friends (family!) in ASES, and I know that together we have the ability to solve the world’s problems while having a crazy amount of fun.

Charles Tsao

Class of 2021

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Quality over Quantity

We focus on providing our members significant value in the forms of learning, networking, and fun. This is only possible because we limit the number of the events we do so we can do them extremely well.

Bootcamp - Solve
Wicked Problems.

Get ready for ASES Bootcamp, a 12 weeklong design-thinking intensive that serves as your stepping stone into the world of entrepreneurship. Following an innovative, action-oriented process, students will learn to identify and prototype impactful solutions to problems in our community. Bootcamp culminates in a final pitch presentation, in which teams of students pitch their startup prototypes to a panel of Silicon Valley investors. This is your chance to join Stanford’s most close-knit start-up community, apply now!

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Summit - Connecting Global Entrepreneurs.

Every year we select 35 of the world's best collegiate entrepreneurs to come to Stanford and participate in a week of entrepreneurship, design, incredible guest speakers, and wicked problem solving. Summit is great for the delegates and even better for ASES members who get to expand their networks globally and gain first-hand exposure to global problems and ways of thinking.

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One Week of Global
35 Collegiate
Stanford University

Launchpad - Enabling Local High Schoolers.

We've all been high schoolers at one point so we know that high schoolers have great ideas! Launchpad is all about enabling these students to turn their ideas into realities, whether they be simple websites advances mobile apps, or fast growing businesses.

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VC3 - Funding Stanford's Startups.

ASES's mission is to solve global problems. We do this with great educational programs like Bootcamp but also by providing problem sovlers with incredible resources. With VC3, we connect the Valley's most prominent VC's with startups taking on the world's most challenging, painful problems.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How are you guys different from other entrepreneurship organizations on campus?
As a global organization, we focus on solving the world's problems, not just the Silicon Valley's. There's tons of cool apps and services here in the Valley and we think that's totally awesome. But as students of one of the best institutions in the world, we think we can do better than that so we challenge our members to solve the hardest and most painful problems for the billions of everyday people around the globe and not just create yet another iteration upon an existing "app" we already have in the Valley.
What will I get out of ASES?
We get it, you have 4 years at Stanford before you have to enter the "real world" and you want to grow as much as you can. Personal development and community are core to us. We only do things when there is clear and significant learning opportunities for our members. We're able to do this because we're a smaller organization by design; this allows us to skip out on the bureaucracy that plagues larger clubs, gives every member the opportunity to have personal growth and real impact in the club, and allows our community to be real and close knit.
What does ASES stand for?
ASES is a global entrepreneurship community. With chapters all around the globe, we strive to to be a diverse, inclusive group with a keen eye for innovation.

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Wanna chat? Hit us up and we'll get back to you soon! Have an attachement or just prefer to email us? No problem, we're at ases.stanford1989@gmail.com