ASES Asia-Pacific Student Entrepreneurship Society

Cultivate Change

We aim to foster a dynamic workspace and community that is open-minded to introduce things never seen before. We embrace the new, the novel and actively seek to introduce them into what we do.

Support Global Entrepreneurship

We aim to connect a world of people interested in making the world a better place. This includes both our extensive alumni network and our overseas chapters.

Foster Community

The Tribe. That's what we're all about. Especially this year, we want to create a close community between all ASES members, with bonding events that range from Hackathons to Beach Retreats. You'll feel like part of our family.

Implement Solutions

Skills. We're always in the pursuit of new knowledge. We're not only interested in talking about entrepreneurship, but also in seeing it in action. We'll hold various types of skill workshops during the course of the year, so that when you leave ASES, you'll feel like you've gained something tangible, something real.

Connecting a World of Entrepreneurs

Here's a description of me

Kevin Chiu - Chairman

Kuan is Junior studying computer science with an artificial intelligence concentration. He has born in China and lived in Japan, and is a passionate believer in connecting with cultures everywhere.

Kuan Peng - President

My name is Andrew Khor and I'm attending Stanford University Class of 2016. I'm studying computer science and economics. I joined ASES as a freshman because of my interest in entrepreneurship and learning more about business as it is conducted in the Asia-Pacific Region. I love meeting new people and developing personal relationships. My plans are to work in the technology industry and one day create my own big impact.

Andrew Khor - International Affairs

Born in Oregon and raised in the Bay Area, I naturally developed a penchant for all the technology around me. I'm also incredibly interested in the work being done in the field of Education Technology. I belong to an cappella group at Stanford University called Raagapella and love playing basketball. In the Fall and Spring, I teach CS classes at Stanford Splash! I'm also a big fan of Ralph Waldo Emerson (RWE!).

David Jiang - Summit Director

Born and raised in Hong Kong, I grew up travelling around Asia. I’m majoring in Science, Technology and Society with a specific focus on US-China innovation, organisations and entrepreneurship! I love rock climbing, calligraphy, eating and deep sea diving. I delight in meeting new people and hearing their life stories! Please come talk to me, and free to reach out to me about anything and everything.

Alina Luk - Communications Director

Leah Kim is a sophomore majoring in Computer Science. She joined ASES in her freshman year because she wants to promote entrepreneurship and explore how great ideas change the world. When she's bored, Leah likes to spam other people's Facebook with cute animal photos such as sea otters, corgi dogs, penguins, and goats.

Leah Kim - Financial Officer

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ASES Summit is a huge part of why ASES exists today. Its mission directly follows the heart of what ASES does: encouraging entrepreneurship beyond borders.

A core group of ASES members work on organizing this week-long entrepreneurship conference, and in the process, get to know many others, each other, and themselves a little bit more.

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The ASES Intern Program

Interns are given guidance by ASES Alumni mentors and develop a diverse skill set by working on an array of different projects throughout the year.



Entrepreneurs with budding ideas are connected directly to Venture Capitalists in a "speed-dating" format. ASES members play a huge part in this event, which occurs in the Spring.


Startup Bootcamp

Essentially, ASES members will form groups in order to work on ideas with measurable impact in the community. It will involve things like customer research, market research, prototyping, and testing.


Startup Office Hours

These are ongoing events for ASES members where they work on startup ideas with someone who has had experience in a relevant field. This is a great opportunity to expand your network and meet mentors.

ASES is creating an international movement based on Passion Vivacity Creativity Implementation
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