Our Team

Enya Lu
Enya is a junior studying Product Design, Economics, and Creative Writing. Outside of ASES, she serves as the Co-MD for Cardinal Ventures, Stanford's on-campus student-run startup accelerator. In her free time, she enjoys reading, writing, and listening to podcasts.
Jessica Yan
Jessica is a junior from Mesa, Arizona studying economics, with a focus on sustainability and development. She hopes to use her background in finance and entrepreneurship to develop social impact initiatives. Outside of ASES, Jessica can be found shopping for spices, singing with Stanford Talisman, or playing with dogs.
Alex Paek
Alumni Director
Alex is a sophomore majoring in Computer Science. He was an active member of bootcamp and ASES back in 2019, but unfortunately had to take a step back as he began serving in the Korean army. With his service coming to an end, Alex is as excited as ever to finally return to Stanford, and can’t wait to once again be involved with ASES! Interested in how recent breakthrough technologies can be applied to real life, Alex worked in an anti-counterfeit startup last summer. His hobbies include playing basketball, exploring startups, and talking about his forgotten 2 years in the army.
Alexander Peng
Summit Co-Director
Alex is a sophomore studying CS, having been immersed in ASES through Bootcamp and as the Speaker Series Co-Director his freshman year. He hopes to continue expanding ASES to the wider world as Summit Director this year. In his free time, Alex loves playing board games with friends, thinking about the future of VR, and working out.
Anwesha Mukherjee
Recruitment Co-Director
Anwesha is a sophomore from Portland, Oregon studying computer science and economics. She joined ASES through bootcamp and was part of VC3 planning later that year. She’s passionate about CS for social good and social justice initiatives with focus on algorithmic bias and technology to aid neurodivergent students. Outside of ASES, you can probably find Anwesha tracking any sports league she can, listening to music, or finding a new outdoor spot to explore.
Arshia Mehta
Breakthrough Co-Director
Arshia is a sophomore from San Ramon, California, studying Management Science & Engineering with a minor in English. She is interested in venture capital, social impact focused entrepreneurship, and creative writing. Arshia became involved in ASES through Bootcamp, and has previously worked on the VC3 and Breakthrough teams. In her free time, she likes to experiment in the kitchen and play board games with family/friends.
Brandon Nydick
VC3 Director
Brandon is a sophomore from New York City who plans to major in Political Science and is interested in both entrepreneurship and investing. Last year, he worked as the co-lead of the startup team for VC3 and is excited to work to create another great experience for founders and investors this year. Brandon has worked at Corvex Management LP, an activist hedge fund based in NYC, where he analyzed companies in the TMT sector and done research for Professor Ilya Strebulaev of the GSB on the venture capital industry. He also is the founder & CEO of Chess Empire, an early-stage startup building a chess platform that creates a more gamified, social, and personalized experience for players than the legacy incumbents. In his free time, he enjoys surfing, reading, tennis, and hanging out with friends.
Cynthia Chen
Financial Officer
Cynthia is a rising sophomore planning on studying CS and MS&E. She became involved in ASES through Bootcamp, and is excited to work with all teams as the financial officer! Cynthia has worked at battery and ed-tech startups, with various managerial roles in each, and is passionate about applying technology for social good. Besides ASES, Cynthia is also involved in Code the Change and Data and Mapping for Society. In her free time, she enjoys biking, running, and co-running her brokerage account with her younger brother.
Edward Tran
Partnerships Co-Director
Edward is a junior from San Gabriel, California majoring in Computer Science on the biocomputation track. Edward joined ASES two years ago as a member of boot camp, and was the last year's Financial Officer. He is passionate about the intersection between engineering, health, and entrepreneurship. In his free time, Edward enjoys playing volleyball, baking, napping, and listening to music.
Gabby Tan
Engagement Co-Director
Gabby is a sophomore from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia who’s currently planning on majoring in Economics and Product Design though those plans are bound to change. She got involved with ASES through Bootcamp before joining VC3, Speaker Series, Marketing, and Breakthrough. This year, she’s excited to be the Engagement Co-Director and help bring more exciting events to the ASES community! Outside of school Gabby enjoys tennis, reading, and music.
James Zheng
Launchpad Director
James is a rising sophomore from New York intending to major in Computer Science. He is especially interested in environmental and climate tech and hopes to one day create his own startup in that sector. James joined ASES as a freshman, learning the ropes in Bootcamp before becoming a part of the Launchpad team. As Launchpad Director, James is very excited to make Launchpad as fun and rewarding as possible for both the team as well as high school participants. In his free time, James enjoys playing basketball, skateboarding, and playing piano.
Kachachan (Em) Chotitamnavee
Tech Director
Kachachan Chotitamnavee (Em) is a sophomore from Bangkok, Thailand, studying Computer Science and Economics. Em is passionate about bringing modern technology to hopelessly outdated government infrastructure projects, and has worked on developing a novel security system for the Thai national airport, digitizing the Thai National ID system, and developing a blockchain-based infrastructure for the Thai Stock Exchange. Outside of school, Em enjoys trying new restaurants, wasting his days away on Reddit, and reading new books he doesn't really understand (but will pretend he does if you ask).
Karuna Taesopapong
Bootcamp Co-Director
Karuna is a rising sophomore from Bangkok, Thailand studying Economics and Music. She found her passion for entrepreneurship through joining Bootcamp last year and has been involved in Launchpad since then. As a member of the women’s rights activist community in Thailand, as well as an op-ed contributor for multimedia platform thisrupt.co, her interests are centered around finding innovative solutions to fixing educational disparities and promoting female empowerment. Over the summer, she will be working on a domestic violence prevention initiative in the northern provinces of Thailand. She also loves singing and theatre, and eats with an appetite for two!
Louise Zeng
Recruitment Co-Director
Louise, originally from Houston, Texas, is a sophomore studying Psychology. Louise is passionate about social entrepreneurship and using business to make a difference in the realms of gender equality, health equity, education, cross-cultural connection, and youth empowerment. She has worked with organizations ranging from the U.S. Department of State to United Nations Foundation Girl Up and Disney, and hopes to one day create her own startup. Besides ASES, Louise is part of Stanford’s InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, and in her free time, she loves dancing Zumba, eating banh mi, creating art, and camping.
Melanie Zhiqi Zhou
Breakthrough Co-Director
Melanie Zhou is a sophomore majoring in Computer Science on the Human Computer Interaction track. Melanie joined ASES Bootcamp her frosh year where she met many of her best friends, and has served as on the ASES Breakthrough, VC3, and Community teams. Prior to Stanford, she founded a nonprofit that builds physical mental health rooms in Colorado public high schools and became the youngest winner of Denver Startup Week. She is extremely passionate about venture capital, social entrepreneurship, and tech ethics. Outside of school, she loves to hike, read/write poetry, and listen to anything/everything Taylor Swift.
Nathan Lam
Community Co-Director
Nathan Lam is a sophomore from New Jersey planning to major in Management Science and Engineering and minor in Data Science. He is super passionate about the ASES community and look forward to bringing it together. In his free time, he enjoys playing sports, having heart-to-heart conversations, and plugging the ASES name to incoming students (haha). Definitely feel free to reach out to Nathan!
Nikhil Boddu
Bootcamp Co-Director
Nikhil is a sophomore studying CS and East Asian Studies with an interest in augmenting entrepreneurship and technology infrastructure in the emerging markets of Asia. Nikhil joined ASES through Bootcamp in his freshman year and is excited to serve as this year's Bootcamp Co-Director. Originally from St. Louis, Missouri, Nikhil has previously served on the Board of Directors at a property technology startup in Thailand and is now interning at Better Ventures, a venture capital firm in the Bay Area. Outside of school, he enjoys training in Taekwondo, traveling, and meeting new people.
Niral Patel
Chapter Relations Director
Niral is a junior majoring in computer science. He joined ASES through bootcamp, and was an active member of the Summit and Alumni teams. This past summer he interned at Raytheon Technologies in their Applied Signal Technologies department. Outside of ASES, Niral loves working out, listening to music, and spending time with friends.
Rahul Ajmera
Summit Co-Director
Rahul Ajmera is a sophomore at Stanford interested in studying international relations, economics, and comparative literature. He joined ASES to further develop his interest in international business practices, and as head of Abroad, he loves learning about the wider world. When he’s not working or studying, you can find Rahul exploring every inch of campus, hiking amongst redwoods and SF city streets, trying to learn two new recipes a week, and practicing his tones for Chinese class whenever he catches a private moment.
Rushil Arora
Partnerships Co-Director
Rushil is a junior intending on studying engineering, and is currently leaning towards Computer Science. He is interested in many subjects, such as AI, design, robotics, entrepreneurship, and computational biology. In his free time, he likes to cook/bake, play basketball, and play piano. He has been involved with ASES since joining Bootcamp freshman year, and hopes to help expand the already-fantastic ASES community.
Serena Zhang
Community Co-Director
Serena is a sophomore originally from San Jose CA. She is planning on studying computer science on the pre-med pathway and is interested in health and technology, machine learning (and all of AI), design, and entrepreneurship. Outside of ASES, she likes to hike, sing in a capella, listen to music, and read fiction novels. She is super excited to be co-community director this year!