Our Team

Haley Tran
Haley is a junior majoring in Management Science & Engineering. This past summer, Haley worked at Facebook under the Datacenter Business Operations team. She joined ASES as a member of bootcamp as a freshman and also served as the international conference and speaker series director last year. Other than ASES, she loves talking about social impact, game theory, and datacenters! When she’s not working on ASES, you can find her finding the next greatest boba shop or watching crime documentaries.
Gunguk Kim
Gunguk is currently a junior studying computer science, and is excited to serve as the Co-President this year. Gunguk joined Bootcamp his freshman year and fell in love with the ASES community. He has had experiences working at StartX as a programs intern through creating their inaugural Students-in-Residence accelerator program and working as a software engineering intern at Google. In his free time he likes play Spikeball, go on hikes, and travel with family!
Alex Paek
Recruitment Co-Director
Alex is a sophomore planning to major in computer science. He has joined ASES through bootcamp, and was an active member of the speaker series team last year. This summer he is planning to work as a research assistant in a South Korean university focusing on AR and VR development. Outside of ASES, Alex loves playing all kinds of sports including basketball, volleyball and soccer.
Andrea Collins
Summit Co-Director
Andrea is a sophomore studying computer science. She is passionate about using data analysis and machine learning to solve problems in healthcare. This past summer, Andrea interned at a computational biology lab at Northwestern University in her home city of Chicago, where she researched an agent-based model of cancer cell growth. Andrea joined ASES through Bootcamp, and is excited to serve as the co-director of Summit this year. Outside of ASES, Andrea works as a section leader for Stanford’s introductory CS courses through the CS198 program, and leads a Catholic small group through Stanford’s Catholic Leadership Team. She loves boba, cats, and hiking!
Andrew Fang
Partnerships Director
Andrew is a sophomore majoring in Computer Science. He first joined ASES through Bootcamp, and is now serving as the Partnerships Director. This past summer, Andrew interned at Samsung and built an IoT/ML trashcan that automatically sorts waste. Andrew spends too much time on Reddit, and listens to pop music from five years ago on loop.
Angelo Ramos
Technology Director
Angelo Ramos is a junior studying Computer Science, with a specialization in Artificial Intelligence. This past summer, he was a software engineering intern at an EdTech startup called RaiseMe. In terms of entrepreneurship, he is interested in ventures working with augmented reality, mental health and education. Other than that, he loves taking pictures, filming/editing videos, hiking with his friends, and talking/playing sports.
Anne Lee
Chapter Relations Director
Anne is the current Chapter Relations Director and is working to foster relationships and build on ASES' international presence. She is a sophomore studying Computer Science and is interested in the intersection of technology, design, and entrepreneurship. Outside of ASES, Anne is really passionate about sustainability and loves plein air painting and dogs!
Becky Weinstein
Summit Co-Director
Becky is a sophomore majoring in English and minoring in Computer Science. After joining ASES Bootcamp her freshman year, Becky has become increasingly passionate about the startup ecosystem, both on campus and beyond. Looking forward, she is excited to pursue an intersection of her passion for writing and entrepreneurship. In her free time, she enjoys horseback riding, rock climbing, and wearing free CS merch to trick people into thinking she’s declaring CS.
Charles Tsao
Community Co-Director
Charles is a junior at Stanford studying Electrical Engineering. Before coming to Stanford, Charles was Principal Saxophonist of the Pacific Symphony Youth Wind Ensemble, which won the 2017 Summa Cum Laude International Youth Music Festival in Vienna. Charles has been an instrumental member of ASES since graduating from Bootcamp 2017-18, and served as Community Director Spring ’18. In his free time, Charles loves to play his saxophone, ice hockey, and listen to the GOAT, Kendrick Lamar.
Christine Cheng
Recruitment Co-Director
Christine is a sophomore majoring in electrical engineering and minoring in music. She is passionate about the intersection between music, technology, and business. This summer, Christine engaged in software development and financial planning as an artistic planning intern at the San Francisco Opera. Christine has been involved with ASES since fall 2018 and is now serving as the recruitment director of ASES. Outside of schoolwork, Christine enjoys learning new instruments, sleeping, and going on trips for good food.
Christine Xue
Launchpad Director
Christine is a third year studying International Relations with a concentration in East Asia and Economic Development. She is interested in mission-driven enterprises and sustainably made products. This summer she is working at Keru, a Shanghai based social impact consulting firm, which aims to solve public health issues in Southeast Asia and rural China. In her free time, she enjoys drawing, reading, and spending time with friends!
Ethan Tae
Community Co-Director
Ethan is currently a sophomore studying mechanical engineering with an interest in robotics and computer-aided design. He is passionate about the intersection between engineering and entrepreneurship and the potential for product realization to facilitate innovative solutions. Ethan joined Bootcamp his freshman year and is super excited to further develop the ASES community.
Jake Chao
VC3 Director
Jake is a sophomore studying computer science. He is from SoCal, specifically Anaheim. Jake is interested in technology and leadership and is exploring potential career interests in software engineering and product management. Jake has been part of ASES since joining Bootcamp his freshman year and helping out with VC3. Outside of school, Jake loves to play basketball, eat food with friends, work out, and practice magic!
Jin Woo Yu
Marketing Director
Jin Woo is a rising sophomore and a prospective Symbolic Systems major. He took 2 years of leave to serve as a Korean augmentation to the United States Army stationed in Korea. During his leave, he also worked as PM Intern at a small-sized startup providing CRM/Online reservation solution for fine dining restaurants in Korea. He is interested in design thinking, HCI and the social impact of technology.
Kimberly Tran
ASES Abroad Director
Kimberly Tran is from Reno, Nevada where people are able to experience all four seasons. In her free time, Kimberly hangs out with her friends, enjoying good conversation and good food. She is extremely grateful for her family and friends for guiding her to become the person she is today. In the future, Kimberly hopes to continue working with people, furthering the development of new and meaningful technologies and solving problems to benefit society.
Markie Wagner
Bootcamp Co-Director
Michelle Gan
Speaker Series Director
Michelle is currently a sophomore at Stanford studying Computer Science with an interest in economics, the social and ethical implications of technology, and creating inclusive spaces for women. She joined ASES through Bootcamp and is serving as the Speaker Series Director. When she’s not planning Speaker Series events, you can find her dancing, jamming and singing with her friends, or hiking.
Tiger Sun
Alumni Director
Tiger is a junior thinking of majoring in either electrical engineering or computer science and math, but is too conflicted to declare until probably the last day of the deadline. He is interested in robotics and interned this summer at the Collaborative Haptics and Robotics in Medicine (CHARM) lab this summer, where he intends to work throughout the school year. He also wants to get more involved with artificial intelligence and machine learning since that seems to be the move right now. In his free time, Tiger enjoys demolishing everyone in his fantasy football league, playing bughouse chess, and doing wholesome activities with his friends.
Trinity Donohugh
Financial Officer
Trinity is currently a freshman majoring in either computer science or symbolic systems. Outside of ASES she is an active member of the Stanford triathlon team, and Stanford women in business. In her free time she loves running, and exploring different parts of California.
Vishesh Gupta
Bootcamp Co-Director
Vishesh is a sophomore studying Computer Science with a concentration in Artificial Intelligence. He is passionate about the intersection of Computer Science and UI/UX design and conducted research at the HCI group in the CS Department last summer. Vishesh loves sharing music, cooking, technology, and anything Nintendo related.