Our Team

Jake Chao
Jake is a junior studying computer science. He is from SoCal, specifically Anaheim. Jake is interested in technology and leadership and is exploring potential career interests in software engineering and product management. Jake has been part of ASES since joining Bootcamp his freshman year and served as VC3 Director his sophomore year. Outside of school, Jake loves to play basketball, eat food with friends, work out, and practice magic!
Trinity Donohugh
Trinity is a Sophomore double majoring in Computer Science and History. She spent her childhood in Asia and her middle and high school years in the United Kingdom. Prior to Stanford, she founded an audio podcast initiative to bring computer literary education to students in Myanmar (Burma), a social enterprise to connect Burmese artists with international consumers, and the online platform DiscussForChange to raise awareness of global issues and encourage students action. She has been recognised by the United Nations for her work to further the 2030 SDGs. She has had experience working at Tencent’s AI lab as a strategy intern and at Google as a software engineer. When she’s not studying and working on ASES, you’ll find her by the pool training for her next triathlon, or exploring some national park in California.
Akshaya Dinesh
Speaker Series Director
Akshaya is a sophomore majoring in CS, and is super excited to be this year’s Speaker Series Director. Last year, she ran ASES Fireside Pitch and was part of VC3. This past Spring, she took a quarter off from school to build electric flying cars. Outside of school, she loves singing, tennis, and painting!
Andrew Fang
Partnerships Director
Andrew is a junior CS major. He joined ASES 2 years ago through Bootcamp, and this is his 2nd year as Partnerships Director. Andrew’s built novel computer vision IoT products at Samsung, and spent this summer at defense unicorn Anduril. Andrew spends too much time on Reddit, is trying to lose less money from his poker hobby, and listens to pop music from five years ago on loop.
Bennett Liu
Community Co-Director
Bennett Liu is a rising sophomore at Stanford. He is originally from Denver, Colorado, and loves to ski and hike! He is studying computer science and bioengineering, and is currently an intern at SafeStamp. He is excited to be the Community Co-Director this year for ASES.
Edward Tran
Financial Officer
Edward is a sophomore from San Gabriel, California planning to major in Biomedical Computation. Edward joined ASES last year as a member of boot camp, and was an active member of the Summit team. He is passionate about the intersection between engineering, health, and entrepreneurship. In his free time, Edward enjoys playing volleyball, baking, napping, and listening to music.
Emily Yuan
Summit Co-Director
Emily is a sophomore majoring in Management Sciences and Engineering. She joined ASES through the Summit team her freshman year, and is passionate about the intersection of entrepreneurship, finance, and social change. Outside of school, Emily loves food, traveling, and hanging out with friends!
Enya Lu
Bootcamp Co-Director
Enya is a rising sophomore studying economics while pursuing interests in sociology and creative writing. She's interested in tech and labor, financial literacy, and education. In her free time, she likes to journal and is trying to write a novel, although it somehow never finishes.
Ethan Tae
Chapter Relations Director
Ethan is currently a sophomore studying mechanical engineering with an interest in robotics and computer-aided design. He is passionate about the intersection between engineering and entrepreneurship and the potential for product realization to facilitate innovative solutions. Ethan joined Bootcamp his freshman year and served as the Community Co-Director last year. He is super excited to further develop the ASES presence in other schools and international communities as Chapter Relations Director this year.
Harshal Agrawal
VC3 Director
Harshal Agrawal is a sophomore studying Management Science and Engineering + CS. He is a Bryan Cameron Impact Scholar and joined ASES freshmen year through bootcamp. He was involved with planning ASES Summit and Speaker Series before becoming VC3 director. He is passionate about leveraging financial markets to enact change and disrupting institutions through entrepreneurship. Currently he is working on his own startup, Collabora, and would love to chat more about it, entrepreneurship, Patriots football, South Indian delicacies, or just about anything else! You can reach him at aharshal(at)stanford(dot)edu
Jack Yuan
Recruitment Co-Director
Jack Yuan is a sophomore Symbolic Systems major, and is pumped to be your Recruitment Director this year! He always had a keen interest in astronomy and exoplanets and is also super passionate about the up-and-coming Brain-computer interface technology. Growing up in Asia and later NYC, he tries to understand the impact of globalization on people’s lives, and is currently building his own supply chain to support healthcare workers with masks in Brazil. Outside of school, you can find him working out, playing basketball, and traveling to fun spots with friends.
Jason Ah Chuen
Launchpad Director
Jason is a rising junior majoring in Computer Science. He is especially passionate about CS + social good, teaching CS through section leading, and designing for the communities he cares about. This summer, he is launching his Code For Mauritius initiative, through which Stanford students teach coding and design thinking to kids from his home country Mauritius. At the same time, he will be working at Tencent (remotely) as a Product Management intern. In his free time, Jason enjoys DJ’ing, playing tennis, eating good food and doing crazy things with his friends.
Jessica Yan
Bootcamp Co-director
Jessica Yan is a sophomore from Mesa, Arizona planning to major in economics, with a focus on sustainability and development. She became involved in ASES as a freshman through Bootcamp, and she is excited to continue growing the Bootcamp program as co-director this year. Outside of ASES, Jessica can be found shopping for spices, searching for music, or playing with dogs.
Em Chotitamnavee
Tech Director
Kachachan Chotitamnavee (Em) is a sophomore from Bangkok, Thailand, planning to major in Computer Science. He joined ASES through the Bootcamp program, and was involved with planning for VC3 in 2019. Em is passionate about bringing modern technology to hopelessly outdated government infrastructure projects, and has worked on developing a novel security system for the Thai national airport as well as digitizing the Thai National ID system. Outside of school, Em enjoys trying new restuarants, wasting his days away on Reddit, and reading new books he doesn't really understand (but will pretend he does if you ask).
Kimberly Tran
Marketing Director
Kimberly is a junior, studying Management Science & Engineering. She joined ASES as a freshman in Bootcamp and served as ASES Abroad Director her sophomore year. She’s interned in Malaysia and works on business projects throughout the school year. Her career interests include business development and data science. In her free time, Kimberly enjoys trying new cafes and hiking with friends.
Louise Zeng
Community Co-Director
Louise, originally from Houston, Texas, is a sophomore studying Psychology. Louise is passionate about social entrepreneurship and using business to make a difference in the realms of gender equality, health equity, education, cross-cultural connection, and youth empowerment. She has worked with organizations ranging from the U.S. Department of State to United Nations Foundation Girl Up and Disney, and hopes to one day create her own startup. Besides ASES, Louise is part of Stanford’s InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, and in her free time, she loves dancing Zumba, eating banh mi, creating art, and camping.
Michelle Gan
Alumni Director
Michelle is a junior studying Computer Science and Political Science. After joining Bootcamp her first year, Michelle served as Speaker Series Director last year and is looking forward to her role as Alumni Director this year. She’s passionate about tackling equity in tech and social systems. In her free time, you can find her running, journaling, hiking around the Bay, and jamming out to NPR tiny desk concerts.
Niral Patel
Summit Co-Director
Niral is a sophomore majoring in computer science. He joined ASES through bootcamp, and was an active member of the Summit and Alumni teams last year. This past summer he interned at Raytheon Technologies in their Applied Signal Technologies department. Outside of ASES, Niral loves working out, listening to music, and spending time with friends.
Rushil Arora
Recruitment Co-Director
Rushil is a rising sophomore intending on studying engineering, and is currently leaning towards Computer Science. He is interested in many subjects, such as AI, design, robotics, entrepreneurship, and computational biology. In his free time, he likes to cook/bake, play basketball, and play piano. He has been involved with ASES since joining Bootcamp freshman year, and hopes to help expand the already-fantastic ASES community.
Simon Kim
ASES Abroad Director
Simon is a sophomore from Seoul, South Korea who is interested in philosophy and computer science. He joined ASES through Bootcamp, and decided to stay because of the amazing community. He is passionate about exploring the intersection between his Korean identity and his American education. Other than ASES, Simon likes to read, write, play Civ V, and swim. He recently started learning how to play the piano, after seeing a Korean actor play it in a K-drama.