Our Team

Maurice Chiang
Maurice is a senior studying bioengineering and computer science. He has been actively involved in the entrepreneurship community at Stanford, and is now serving as the co-president of ASES for the second year. He is part of the Mayfield Fellows program, and is excited about solving global issues relevant to human health. Outside of Stanford, he has had extensive experience in product development, and enjoys solving challenging design and engineering problems. Above all, Maurice is passionate about building a strong, inclusive community, and mentoring budding entrepreneurs.
Nicholas Benavides
Nick is a senior majoring in Management Science & Engineering and minoring in Computer Science. He is passionate about using data to make more informed decisions. This summer, Nick was an Analytics Intern at Thumbtack, and he previously interned at a small IoT startup in Baltimore called Leverege. He joined ASES in the fall of 2015, and previously served as Summit Director and Financial Officer before being elected Co-President. When he’s not working on ASES or studying, you’ll probably find him on the basketball court.
Alex Lin
Sponsorships Director
Alex is a sophomore majoring in Management Science & Engineering and minoring in Economics. He has a primarily research-focused background and is fascinated by the intersection between the life sciences, business, and entrepreneurship. Alex interned this past summer at Bionexo, a digital healthcare procurement solutions company based in São Paulo, Brazil. He loves baking and cooking in his free time and is a big stationary enthusiast and Netflix binger.
Angelo Ramos
VC3 Co-Director
Angelo Ramos is a second year student studying Computer Science, specializing in Human Computer Interaction with a focus on product management. This past summer, he interned in product development at a Boston-based startup called Ladder that offers digital personal fitness coaching. Passionate about ventures in social impact and EdTech, he has published several apps on the App Store and is interested in leveling the educational landscape across students of all backgrounds. Other than that, he loves taking pictures, filming/editing videos, hiking with his friends, and talking/playing sports.
Brittany Truong
Community Co-Director
Brittany is currently a junior majoring in Computer Science. She is specializing in either Artificial Intelligence or Systems. This past summer, Brittany interned at Amazon, focusing on back end software development. She joined ASES as a freshman through Bootcamp and has previously worked in Recruitment and Summit. She is excited to be co-community director with Ray this year! Outside of the classroom, Brittany enjoys hiking, cooking, and going to concerts.
Carla Ho
Recruitment Co-Director
Carla is a sophomore studying Sociology under the Data Science, Markets, and Management subplan with a minor in International Relations. She is interested in international markets and the use of data in understanding social behavior. This summer, she was a research assistant at the Stanford Lab for Social Research. Carla joined ASES her freshman year through Bootcamp, and is now the Co-Director of Recruitment.
Charles Tsao
Summit Director
Charles is a sophomore at Stanford studying Electrical Engineering. Before coming to Stanford, Charles was Principal Saxophonist of the Pacific Symphony Youth Wind Ensemble, which won the 2017 Summa Cum Laude International Youth Music Festival in Vienna. Charles has been an instrumental member of ASES since graduating from Bootcamp 2017-18, and served as Community Director Spring ’18. In his free time, Charles loves to play his saxophone, ice hockey, and listen to the GOAT, Kendrick Lamar.
Derrick Li
Summit Director
Derrick is a sophomore at Stanford studying Materials Science Engineering. He has worked as a research assistant at Stanford University in the MSE department with the Melosh Group. Derrick has spent most of his life in Southern California in the greater Los Angeles area. He likes to listen to pop and rap, hike, and play with music.
Gunguk Kim
Bootcamp Co-Director & FO
Gunguk is currently a sophomore studying computer science with an interest in economics, and is serving as the Financial Officer and Bootcamp Co-Director this year. Gunguk joined Bootcamp his freshman year and fell in love with the ASES community. He is super excited for this year’s incoming Bootcamp!
Haley Tran
International Conference Director
Haley is a sophomore majoring in Management Science & Engineering. This past summer, Haley interned at tech startup called YouNoodle that builds tech platforms and offers consulting to entrepreneurship competitions. She joined ASES as a member of bootcamp last year and also served on the International and Summit teams. Other than ASES, she loves talking about social impact or game theory. When she’s not working with the HPAIR team, you can find her finding the next greatest boba shop or watching crime documentaries.
Isabelle Zhou
VC3 Co-Director
Isabelle Zhou is a sophomore studying Symbolic Systems with a focus in Human-Computer Interaction. She’s highly interested in technology, startups, and venture investments; last summer, she worked as a software engineering intern at Amazon developing tools for their case management platform. Outside of ASES, Isabelle teaches public speaking in the School of Engineering and serves as an executive for Stanford Women in Computer Science. Isabelle loves exploring scenic places, experiencing live concerts, and trying every menu item in every boba shop in town. She’s always down to chat and make new friends!
Jen Luo
Recruitment Co-Director
Jin Woo Yu
Marketing Director
Jin Woo is a rising sophomore and a prospective Symbolic Systems major. He took 2 years of leave to serve as a Korean augmentation to the United States Army stationed in Korea. During his leave, he also worked as PM Intern at a small-sized startup providing CRM/Online reservation solution for fine dining restaurants in Korea. He is interested in design thinking, HCI and the social impact of technology.
Joanne Shang
Chapter Relations Director
Joanne is a senior majoring in Economics and coterming in Management Science & Engineering. This summer, Joanne was an Investment Banking Summer Analyst at Morgan Stanley, and she previously interned at Salesforce and Gap Inc. When she’s not doing schoolwork, she likes trying new fitness studios with her roommate.
Karen Dai
Alumni Director
Krishna Patel
Tech Director
Krishna is a senior majoring in Computer Science, interested in natural language processing and biocomputation. This past summer, Krishna was a Software Engineering Intern at Tableau. In previous years, she has held the roles of Summit Director and Recruitment Director within ASES. Outside of ASES, Krishna is a section leader through the CS198 program and is the RCC of Kairos. In her free time, she enjoys reading, registering voters, and dancing.
Lauren Yang
Bootcamp Co-Director
Lauren is a rising sophomore at Stanford. She is passionate about the intersection between technology—specifically, computer science—and entrepreneurship. This summer will be Lauren’s second summer interning at Tencent; she will be a venture analyst intern. She enjoys reading, playing with puppies, cooking, and golfing. Lauren has been involved with ASES since fall 2017.
Ray Iyer
Community Co-Director
Ray is a sophomore majoring in Computer Science. This past summer, he interned at Black SMS, a 5-person startup building a secure messenger for professionals. He joined ASES as a member of bootcamp last year and also served on the Summit team. This year, he will serve as the co-community director for ASES. Outside of ASES, he loves talking about music and how it can enhance creativity. When he’s not working on a PSET or planning ASES events, you can find him playing the sitar, working out at Nearillaga, or watching NBA games at Treehouse!
Ricky Young
Launchpad Director
Ricky is a Stanford Student who loves to cook, play tennis, and DJ on the side. He is an Engineering Physics major and would love to work in the hospitality industry.
Shrey Gupta
Speaker Series Director
Shrey (CS '19) is the current Speaker Series director and ex-Bootcamp co-director. On campus, he also works with the CS198 Section Leading Program, Alpha Kappa Psi, and Dorm Room Fund. While Shrey’s not coding away, you can find him seeking out the spiciest food to eat (he’s had 3 of the 4 spiciest peppers in the world), getting sucked into Wikipedia black holes, listening to trap jazz, or attempting to do social dance.
Tiger Sun
ASES Abroad Director
Tiger is a sophomore thinking of majoring in either electrical engineering or computer science and math, but is too conflicted to declare until probably the last day of the deadline. He is interested in robotics and interned this summer at the Collaborative Haptics and Robotics in Medicine (CHARM) lab this summer, where he intends to work throughout the school year. He also wants to get more involved with artificial intelligence and machine learning since that seems to be the move right now. In his free time, Tiger enjoys demolishing everyone in his fantasy football league, playing bughouse chess, and doing wholesome activities with his friends.